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"Lizzy" og "Justin"

Big Choice




Happy Noise First Mai Justin

CH Lac-Me's No Dream Impossible CH Khe-San's Think Twice
CH Lac-Me's Her Comes The Sun
Big Choice Gin's Mai-Tai

Big Choice Sir Percival Of First

Wan-Chai's Golden Ginger

Ben Star's Dizzy Miss Lizzy


CH Big Choice Mei Royal Air Force

CH Bombers Kej Two

CH Big Choice First Mei-Li

CH Tigerbay's Game In Mona-Lisa

CH Tigerbay's Ar-Ab-Er

CH Tigerbay's Game In Diamonds

Big Choice

Født:  18.05.2010
Far: Happy Noise First Mai Justin (Justin)
Mor: Ben-Star's Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Lizzy)