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Kennel Big Choice was founded in 1992, after we bought our first Shih Tzu, and we decided to breed this wonderfull race.

But the name ”Big Choice” was founded already in 1982, where we started breeding persian cats -  "Colourpoints", and here got interested in breeding, with all what it means of nessesary knowledge about genetics and healthy breeding.

We felt it was a "Big Choice" to be a professional breeder. Therefore the name.

It turned out that we had a good "eye" for this, and we had great success in showing and breeding -  ”Eldorado of Big Choice” (bluepointet colourpoint) became one of Europes most winning colourpoints.

And not at least we sold some kittens and learned the value of good connection with the buyers - and what that means: Learning - and teaching - all with an open mind.

10 years later we got the opportunity to change our working life, and there became time to have dogs.

We wanted a small dog with long coat and not too much nose (we were breeding persian cats!!). Furthermore it should be brigth, social and positiv - so this was not much to ask for!!!

By coincidense we found the Shih Tzu and fell in love - this was the dog - the following many years have shown, that it has been even better than we hoped for.

From the beginning we wanted to breed, and take our dogs to shows - and with this we started the first years, where You have to learn about the race. This means understand the "Standard" - what shoud the Shih Tzu look like - make Your own opinion about, how WE want a Shih Tzu, learn about genetics for dogs - special Shih Tzu, and above all learn what is going on.

After 10 years with lots of experience, and an amazing show carrier, we wanted to try also with another bredd - to use our knowledge - and of course also of curiosity and love.

The next years we studied different breeds in "Club for Toy Dogs (KSS)", and we choosed to breed Bichon Havanais - a breed with a temper close to the Shih Tzu.

Our first Bichon Havanais came to the kennel i 2007, and we are looking forward to use our experience on this breed also - for the dogs, our puppybuyers, and for ourselves.

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